Thursday, February 28, 2008

First report from thursday

F seems awfully tired this morning. She said she slept. So I'm assuming she's tired of being here and not at home. Physical Therapy had already been here once we arrived.
She said that they took her for a walk to the door and back. That's the equivalent of a trip to the bathroom at home. Hmmm, maybe that's why she's wiped out.
N and I, were talking on the way up trying to figure out what to do next. We need a guide. We wondered how it would work to go through the insurance company since they have all of her records. Even though I broached the subject of where or who to ask for a second opinion with her lead doctor yesterday, I have my doubts as whether he'll come back with an answer. Why didn't I ask the stethoscope man? Maybe being a professor would be a benefit??
Her nurse, Casey, came in to have her walk yet again to the door and back.
Dr. Hardman and Dr. Feuquay came in after we'd been here a short time. They expressed concern about how much she desats when she walks from the bed to the door of the room. They also said they'd double check to make sure the CAT scan was still scheduled.
The transport person arrived about 5 minutes after her lunch tray. And before they had her on the gurney, Dr. Ramsey (one of the pulmonary team) arrived to examine her. At first Dr. Ramsey was going to check back later, but then decided to dart into the room instead. Good timing, as F was experiencing one of her bouts of not being able to hear while attempting to sit up and move.
Dr. Catherine Markin and Dr. Ramsey, of the pulmonary team, came in to see her around 3:15. They said that her CAT scan looked much better. It showed scar tissue from whatever the event was that began all of this. They still think she aspirated something into her lungs or that she suffered damage from the ventilator. No one knows for sure. Dr. Markin gave it a name - hypoxia due to diffuse alveolar damage. And she framed it with, "those who survive this will need oxygen for a period of time whenever they exert themselves". They also said that her lungs should be nearly back to where they were in a year. Dr. M also said that the CAT scan showed the pneumonia down in the right lung, but they knew that was there from the scope. She's going to give us a name of an ob/gyn here at OHSU. Someone very good - "he's been around and he's very wise".
We heard the news today, oh boy. :>)
F is going home tomorrow morning! YAY!

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