Saturday, March 1, 2008

Jiggity jig

So good to have the girl back home again. :>) Zuzu is particularly happy to have her couch buddy returned. F has gotten a lot of sleep off and on during the day today. Seems strange to be back in the house, sitting on the couch, watching TV - being home.
I went to see Karyn for a hair cut this morning and then stopped at Fred's before heading home. If it's strange for me to be doing somewhat) ordinary things, I imagine it's even more so for F.
We watched (well, at least I stayed awake to watch it) The Queen last night. I can see why Helen Mirren earned an Oscar for her performance. It was easy to believe she was the queen while watching the movie.
F is watching Harry Potter weekend. Was he really that young and small in the first one? Kinda funny.
"Eat Salem" blog people are meeting and eating at Tong King tonight. I hate to miss the event, should be fun. BUT I don't want to leave the girl yet. Too soon. Monday will be hard enough.
N decided that Chinese sounded like what he wants to eat tonight. So he's at Fred's buying ingredients for a recipe he wants to make.
Cafeteria food wasn't bad - really, but I don't miss it. Well, maybe the salad bar. Every house should have a salad bar. ;>)

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