Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Slip slipping away

A co-worker aided my befuddlement that perhaps today was the 6th. I went so far as to change my watch, thinking how it made sense with leap day. What a dope I am! Guess it can't hurt to relearn how to change the date on the watch once in awhile - I guess.
Oh my goodness, the short people were so chatty today. During science I had to keep stopping the video and then ask them why I did. And it wasn't like they were being rude, they just have so much they want to share with me after my long absence. Tiny DeeDee appeared in my lap during one of the group viewings of the video - chatter chatter chatter in that teeny tiny voice. Makes me wish I could sit and visit with each and every one in a picnic setting.
I think I need to work on streamlining doing lunch at home with F. I seem to be returning later and later. Today I walked in with the PM kindergartners. Bill said to take whatever time I need, but it still feels like taking advantage. He spoke to me yesterday about how good it was to have me back and hoped that F was getting better. He said that he wished our children thought twice before making certain decisions and taking us over the cliff with them. I didn't process that remark until later, "what did Bill mean by that? does he think F suffered a drug overdose?!" :>O As soon as I got home I penned an email to him to clarify how she ended up in the hospital, just in case he had heard wrong. He called me into his office this morning to reply to my email. "That's just one of those things I say. I certainly didn't mean it that way." And then went on to tell me that his wife is also sensitive to sulfa drugs. Makes a person wonder why they keep them on the market.
Tomorrow is umbrella day. I'm glad the weather is supposed to be good. I love to take photos of their outdoor parade. Not as pretty when we have to have it inside.

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