Wednesday, March 26, 2008

With Zuzie's supervision

Oh good! Zuzie has quit kneading my arm. That wouldn't have helped with the typing. Especially, with this challenging keyboard. Some keyboards don't respond well when you remove the space bar to tidy them up inside. Probably the ones under $15? Ya think??
F, ended up snoozing for the first part of the day yesterday. She had such a good start, too. She put together her own cereal and berries, spent a long time getting ready in the bathroom and then came out and collapsed on her bed. I think it's hard for her to remember that she's still a weakling.
She did get rested enough to make us a dinner of turkey burgers with chipolte katsup and bleu cheese with roasted potatoes. Thank you, F! :>)
We watched an episode of Veronica Mars and then the Riches last night. Almost too much suspense for me in one evening! ;>)

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