Monday, April 21, 2008

Hmmm, which shirt to wear with red face??

Last night, I was trying to figure out if I dreamt a Desperate Housewives scene where Mike chased Orson in a parking lot after recognizing him as the man who ran him down. Seems like Orson jumped from the parking structure (?) and broke his leg. Maybe it was something I put together in my head from another encounter the two of them had.
Wow, this keyboard needs to find a new home. Maybe in keyboard heaven? It has survived 3 cups of coffee being spilled on/into it over a 3 year period. AND having it's spacebar pried off and then jimmied back into place. Poor poor abused keyboard! (K decides to show sympathy, rather than throwing the sticky keyed piece of junk onto the floor and jumping on it - like the gorilla in the Samsonite commercial.)
When I checked my work email this morning, there was a message from the editor(?) of our district newsletter congratulating me on being nominated for a "Going the Distance" award. Perhaps he was mistaken. "Are you sure you don't mean Darla M. instead??" He wanted to come out and take a photo. I chose to have him come out today (hate to wait and fret) and take photos while I read to the PM short people. I don't usually have a problem with spectators. If anything I tend to do the Mike Mulligan thing and read a little louder and with more expression. :>D It must've been the camera, but I'm sure if the photos are in color (and I'm sure they are) that my glowing face will be clashing with my orangie reddish shirt.
I took F out to run some errands after school today. We stopped at Break Point to order the office people's lunch for tomorrow. Had to buy a mocha for the girl, of course. Then off to Costco to see if Dr. Weeks answered the fax about a refill. (YAY! She DID!)
I better get moving, so I don't miss, "How I Met Your Mother". Such things are important, ya know.

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