Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood . . .

Geez, N! Stop teasing me! He brought home a brochure with the house across the street from Dan & Shirley. How great would that be - to live across the street from two of my favorite people? Such a beautiful setting, too. Room to enjoy the kids' company - you know, when we're all together and we're prepping dinner, drinking wine and sharing stories in the kitchen? Hmmm, sounds like a TV series, doesn't it? Guess I better get my hair cut like Sally Fields while I'm dreaming.
It was a busy, but nice day with the short people. They do so enrich my daily existence. Yesterday, we were working on opposites. When I checked a completed paper, I would quiz each student on a couple of opposites not on the worksheet. I asked bright Layla, "what's the opposite of bare feet?".
She grinned and replied, "people feet!".
I was hoping to come home and take F shopping after work today, but she hasn't been sleeping very well and wasn't ready for that level of activity. I sat down and made a list of what I needed for tonight. N left for band practice and F's friend, Kasey, wanted to spend time with her. So, I rearranged my expectations/plans for the evening. I washed the girl's hair to get ready to spend an evening with Kasey (Sweeney Todd and strawberries) and then left to buy groceries on my own.
I came home and prepared the vegetables and their marinade I signed up to bring for the funeral of a co-worker's mother. Hopefully, I won't leave them behind tomorrow morning.

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