Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Da test . . .

Here's to passing today's test [clink, clink].
I really really don't want to have yet ANOTHER test. The third one always includes pain. And yeah, I'm a wimp.
Sara and I, experienced some incredibly good timing this afternoon. It's nice to have things work out well with no planning required once in awhile. She called while I was at the doctor [silence ringer]and left a message, telling me that I needed to pick up a written prescription for one of her pain medications. I didn't have to make a second trip across town. Yay! I motored it over to Costco where they let me know they were having issues with their connection to the insurance companies. I told them that I would just go ahead and pay for it and bill the insurance later. They went ahead and filled yet another prescription that had been sent to "central", so I could pick all 3 up at once. They're so efficient and helpful. That's when I discovered that our credit union's computers were down and therefore my debit card wouldn't work. It's a good thing I still know how to fill out a check . . .
Tomorrow we have our blood date. :>) So steak for dinner is JUST what we need!

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