Monday, May 19, 2008

Grumpy?! Who's grumpy?!

I should be up and getting things done, but here I sit, feeling slightly tired and wanting someone to serve me a nice little salad. They could mix me a gin and tonic to start. I'm sure it'll take time to dice a little chicken and tomato to top the greens.
I don't like grumpy Mondays. There are a couple of short people in the morning who can be a bit frustrating at times. On Mondays, it all seems magnified. I think all of us are off our schedules and lacking sleep after the weekend.
Saturday morning was pretty funny. I got up at 7 to help N get moving to ready himself for a band festival in Newberg. I didn't know the details, just that he had a festival to play at and attend. About 2 hours before he was due to leave, he asked if I was going to join him. I told him that I had planned on working on printing out the short people's science certificates and doing laundry. The certificate printing can be a slow process. The heavier weight paper doesn't work well in our printer for some reason. So, I have to gently feed each sheet in. Today seemed like the perfect day since I don't like to get interrupted while I'm in the thick of it. A little before 9 N hears my cell, answers it and hands it over with a "I don't know who it is" look on his face. It's Karyn, the wonderful woman who cuts my hair. "Hi! Don't you have an appointment this morning?" Oh no!!!! I remembered that she needed to change it, but I couldn't remember if I ever put it on a calendar (I didn't). Turns out that she was running late this morning and wanted to cut her son's hair first. I jokingly accused her being nice and flexible with forgetful me, but she said that it was all true and this worked out better for her. And that's how I ended up with a haircut and a color today. :>) Unexpected (forgotten) and yet it worked out amazingly well. whew!!
We drove into Roseburg around 2PM yesterday. Fran and Gwen, made us juicy, delicious , barbecued hamburgers with all the trimmings. We stayed a bit longer than we should
have, but hate to make the kids say good-bye yet again.

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