Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day one

Wow! I'm so glad I'm done (well, pert near) with my thank you cards. I usually procrastinate for a week or two. One year, I was so tardy, most people probably forgot they gave me a gift. Bad K!!
The progress stops there. Unless you count taking Fran to her PT appointment and to Costco to pick-up her prescriptions.
Kathy, her PT therapist, said that much progress has been made in Fran's incision area. I'm not sure what all that means. Most likely that the techniques she has applied to the area have increased the circulation and blood flow to the muscles, as well as beginning to release the adhesions. Her incision area has changed drastically in looks from just a month ago. It looks much healthier now. She wants Fran to continue to slowly and carefully increase her activity level. Walking and sitting up a bit more each day, but listening to any warning signs her body may give her. She also said if we see her "gimping" along, that we're to tell her to "stop!". I'm sure that annoyed the heck out of the girl.
Both Kathy and Dr. Pitchford have said that they will write letters to Dr. Heros to update him with better information than was placed in her file by the 'OHSU Pain Clinic'. According to the them, she was anorexic and a basket case. So heartwarming to actually be receiving support from medical professionals.

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sweet sue said...

I just the Jansen girls photo, Karen is wearing MY vest - the one that goes with my beautiful straight skirt I made out of Jantzen wool. Sheesh!! I always had to keep an eye out for that girl borrowing my clothes!