Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mandi & Eric's wedding

Despite what Reggie tried to tell us, we made it to the church on time.
Every time I attend a wedding, I forget how each church applies their own rituals to the ceremonies. Maybe I don't think it warrants a room in my brain? And then we add our own performances.
I loved how Mandi and Eric sashayed out of the church to "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours". The parents (Steve and Linda) hired someone to roast a pig to feed everyone, as well as steak and chicken. It was a great barbecue spread and the wine and beer flowed freely. So many little children!! Oh my! It prompted a couple (who will remain nameless) to proclaim that THEIR children will be well behaved at the next wedding in August. While toasts were being made, a loud congregation of children gathered around the cake table, daring each other to see how close their finger could get without actually touching. I decided I didn't need any cake. ;>)
It was good to sit and talk to Kim, Kern, Florri, Tim and Carol.
I think we made it home a little after midnight. Whew!
Be aware these pics were taken with a telephone. I just pointed and pushed. I apologize for the quality.

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