Tuesday, September 9, 2008

and class begins

The beginning assessments are over and the kinders will arrive today. I can't wait to meet them all in a class setting. They seem like a great group of kids - much like last year.
I don't feel like we're ready, but that may be due to the questions regarding our low numbers with the addition of a 4th session. Nothing like a little upheaval with little ones and their parents to create some stress and controversy.
J's brother stopped in for a visit on his way home from Portland. I'm trying to be quiet and not disturb his slumber on the couch. Kinda tough when you're getting ready for work. I finally went ahead and turned on NPR. I figured the voices would provide a screen for all the little unexpected noises.
Hopefully, this evening I'll get a good opportunity to start editing the clips I took on Saturday. I like to have a big block of uninterrupted time.
Fran had a double header yesterday; two, one hour long appointments back to back. The timing worked out much better than I would've thought.
Okay, time to get moving.

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