Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First science of new school year

Well, it wasn't horrible, but there weren't any inspiring moments during science today either. I'm sure it's not a first, but there were several (counting both classes) short people who couldn't remember what letters were in their name. I'm not a hawk when it comes to upper or lower case during the first couple of weeks, BUT I do think a 5-6 year old should know how to write their name in some fashion. There are some who believe it's due to the growing technological nature of their environments. I don't think it's a trend (I hope it's not). We have years when the majority are smart little cookies, we have middling years and then we have the others. I'm still not sure what kind of year this is and wouldn't venture to make a prediction based only on the writing of names this early.
How's that for a short essay on, "I really don't know which category this group falls in". ;>)
Hmmmm, blood date tomorrow. Where to go, where to go? Maybe Copperjohn's or maybe ??

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