Saturday, September 13, 2008

Leisure is your brain on a different task

I can't believe how many hours I spent on my video project. And yet . . . I wouldn't have it any other way. Feels good to do something different, something out of my comfort zone, something that makes me frustrated - because that has to be a sign of growth (right?).
Lise and her J went to Shrewsbury Faire in King City today and after they returned Fran and her J went out and about to get out of the house. I'm so glad he was able to drive up. I feel like we should give him a Costco gift card to help out with his gas. It's good having everyone in the house, even if it would be even better to have a bit more space.
Lise is in the kitchen making a side dish to go with the ribs Norm's getting ready to put on the grill. :>)

Oh and can I say how much I appreciate my family continuing to email me even though I rarely email back these days? Part of it is more competition for the computers (it's easier in the summer) and part of it is avoiding the possibility of complaining about life in general.
Bad habit that.

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