Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Dark Already?

I dunno, I think I'd rather have it dark in the morning . . . except for the concerns about bicyclists and pedestrians heading to work and school being run down by unobservant motorists.
I love having debates with myself.
Science went great yesterday. It was a demonstration (can't really call it an experiment, can I?) to prove how you can trap air in a cup. We had tubs of water, clear plastic cups, frosting and marshmallows. Since I had to demonstrate, I sacrificed myself for science by eating 4 marshmallows with frosting over the course of the school day. :>) After attaching a marshmallow to the inside bottom of the cup with the "glue" (frosting), I show how you can actually hear the trapped air hit the top of the water when you tap/hit the upside down cup on the surface of the water. Then I show them how to push the air-filled cup (still upside down) all the way to the bottom of the tub of water (without tipping) and all the way out. The marshmallow is still dry! And then you pop it in your mouth. :>D I used to do this with paper in the bottom of the cup, until Kim showed me a better way. They loved it before and now . . . they love it even more so.
I should get up off my backside and look productive. N and I will drive Fran down to Ashland Friday after work. I may find something to prep for that if I try.

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