Monday, November 10, 2008

On again then off

My plan today is to get some good cleaning done and then work on science prep. We'll see how that goes. Depends on who is around and how much talking they want to do. I'd rather catch up with people on a day without children and today fits the bill.

Felt good to get a good vacuuming and dusting done yesterday. And I washed two of our throw rugs. So THAT'S what color they're supposed to be!

Zuzu is enjoying her time in the house this morning. No Izzy to chase her, although she seems to enjoy that when it's going on. And no Wendy to stare and meow at her. I wonder if Zuzu will let her hair down enough to make a feline friend.

Someone came to the blog this morning looking for donate life tattoos. Must not be what they wanted, they stayed for less than a minute.

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