Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Still Standing

but if I sat on the couch I'm sure I'd fall fast asleep.
I had to leave a technology meeting early after school today. I looked up at the clock and realized I had too many errands to stay any longer than 5 PM.
I hustled out to Salem Clinic to pick up Fran's two prescriptions (they have to be rewritten and picked up every month). I drove them to Fred's pharmacy. There was a line of about 8 people. I was glad I would be back later and probably miss the rush. I went home to let the Nixon out and to grab some mailing supplies. I took pity on the dog and brought him along for my next set of trips. We drove out to Costco to buy some $1.65 gas (or was it 1.55?) and pick-up Fran's two other prescriptions. Then we stopped off at Fred's to retrieve the prescriptions I had dropped off earlier. Guess what? The line was still way out in the aisle and it wasn't moving efficiently like Costco's pharmacy line does. Fred's is so understaffed. :>/
How I wish Costco stocked her pain patches! After a 20 minute wait (one person dropped out of the line), I picked up her patches and went out to the car to put them in the padded mailer. Next stop - USPS. A couple was situated at the automatic package mailing machine with a stack of packages. They let me cut in, thankfully. Woo hoo! That's done!
Nixon and I made it home by 7:30.

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