Sunday, December 14, 2008

You can lead a horse to water, but

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Instead of bundling up, finding a parking place and a viewing spot for the parade last night, I watched Eat's video. :>) I wish I could hold the camera that steady - I won't go into all the other details.
What a great concert N and band gave us yesterday! They sang for a minute or more for one piece. Very impressive!
After the concert we used good old Reggie to find Calapooia Brewing Co. N said there's no way he could've found it without Reggie's help. It's located on the far fringes of downtown, near some railroad tracks and several warehouse type buildings. I liked the paint combination they used on the outside - forest green and burgundy, is my guess. Just remember my color deficiencies. I loved the bar area and three tables crafted from rough hewn slabs of big trees. The rest was more utilitarian - made to seat patrons and for playing darts. They do have a big heated outdoor seating area adjacent to the dining room. Since we arrived around 4:45, the place was nearly empty and the bartender was ready to let us try whatever we wanted from the many taps. Every stout, porter and ale I tried was excellent. Even the chili beer. :>) Although, I can't imagine drinking more than a few ounces of it.
Their burgers and sandwiches were more lunch fare (with the exception of Lise's Reuben)sized, but very tasty. I would recommend it for tasting some great beers with lunch or a light dinner.
We stopped at Albany's mall before heading home to watch Vera Drake. Outstanding movie!

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