Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cautiously optimistic

After Fran's doctor appointment, we drove north to pick up Izzy. They think it's possible that she still has something in her stomach/colon. The barium is still showing up in both places. The hope is that she'll pass whatever it is in the next two days. If there are any symptoms, we're to take her back due to the concern of a blockage. Then they'll do surgery to remove the problem.
Maybe they tell this to everyone, but we heard she was well loved and quite a charmer while she was there.
It's good to see her active (sleeping now) and happy to be home.

And here's to the future. :>) Time to hitch up our drawers, push up our sleeves and dig ourselves out of this chasm. May we all remain or become warm, fed and hopeful.

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