Thursday, January 1, 2009

Finding a high spot in the backyard

It must have rained all night. Our saturated backyard has many areas with standing water. I understand the forecast calls for more. This is beginning to remind me of another winter.

We watched Hairspray and played Cranium last night. I thought Hairspray was good, but I loved the original 1988 movie with DeVine and Ricky Lake. Now I want to watch that one again.

Earlier in the day we watched an older Ben Stiller movie, Keeping the Faith. Kept us glued to the couch to see how the situation was resolved in the end. I guess that means it wasn't predictable. :>)

Gwen and Randy drove north to finish their family Christmases. They watched the less than exciting Holiday Bowl game with us, ate lunch, opened gifts and then drove on up the freeway for two more family stops. They gave us two date night gifts. :>) And we'll definitely put them to good use.

N's been out working on his pvc greenhouse project this morning. I'm thinking he must be limited on how far he can go on such a wet day.

Fran and her J have been getting ready to drive north to join his family for the day. I don't envy them the freeway hydroplaning and spraying they'll experience on the way up.

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