Sunday, January 18, 2009

Taking the quickie line to Ashland

N and I made good time, arriving in Ashland at 10:30 PM. Izzy was happy to see us and had trouble calming down - not good for the tummy issues. It was obvious how ill she is - her lack of energy and spark. There is still some spark, but it's dampened. For every tsp. of water we'd give her about a 1/2 tsp would come back up - on average.
I called Lise to have her make some calls to see what our options would be for a vet here in town for 4:30 on a Saturday. The Companion Pet Clinic on Lancaster looked to be our best bet. After waiting a little over a half hour, the CPC vet looked over the paperwork from the vet in Ashland and said that they would give her a shot for nausea, pain and a third shot of anti-biotics, then we could have her for the night and bring her back this morning. They open at 10.
She's about the same this morning and we're about ready to head out.

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