Monday, January 19, 2009

Waiting ain't easy

The vet said they'd call this morning. I waited until 1 (on our way back from Vancouver) and gave them a call. The person at the front desk said that Izzy was doing well. She had regurgitated, but had not had a bowel movement at that time. She said that the doctor would call back as soon as he had a chance - if he had anything to tell us. No word yet. I'm sure they're busy, but it's hard not knowing what's going on or what comes next. I'm glad Kim's working for me tomorrow afternoon. It will give Fran and I a chance to check up on Izzy on our way back from her doctor appointment.

The transfer of L & J's stuff from one pod to another only took an hour and really only took two people. Lisa and I did help (she much more than me), but the tight quarters really didn't allow us to do much.

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