Monday, February 16, 2009

Exposed - all due to tipping my hand . . .

Another nice day today! I'm glad the weather forecast was wrong for our area.
Lise, N and I, took the opportunity to head down to the new bistro in town. Parking is tight, so we had to walk over from the other side of the block. Walking and food together? That's a good thing!
We'll definitely be back. They're on the same level as Sassy. Funny thing was - a couple of Sassy employees were eating at a table on the other side of the front dining room.

I'm so worried we're going to space out Fran's PT appointment this afternoon. I should go set the timer now. She hasn't been feeling well the past couple of days. I hope this helps and doesn't make it worse.

Izzy's watching Lise. Always watching. A baby at the bistro reminded me of that trait. She watched every move her adults made and then tried to copy. Hard to do when they've moved everything out of your reach.

We really need to give Izzy a trim today. She looks like a fuzzy little bear.

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