Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Oregon!

I'm glad I remembered to read "O is for Oregon" to the short people yesterday. I found that book at Costco. On the cover it reads, "a book by kids, for kids". It made for the perfect chance to talk about the state's birthday. Even if they were extremely jazzed about Vday.
I heard there's a big cake (big enough to feed 3,000) waiting for everyone at the capitol. Since parking will be the issue of the day, I'm glad to see it's not raining.
Plus, Santiam Wine Co. is having a free tasting of Merlot and moonstruck chocolate today. Guess I better get ready to do SOMETHING. :>)
Had my therapy session with Karyn yesterday after work. Well, okay, so it's a haircut . . . but the woman's a wonderful listener and empath. As well as an amazing stylist.
Onward to the day!

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