Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To Be Human

We took another trip, with our truck bed loaded with birch, to the Deer Park transfer site this past weekend. I'm so glad they recycle yard debris! While the three of us were taking turns tossing branches into the pit, we glimpsed actions that surprised us. Lord knows, we could probably do a little better in the recycling realm, but we try our best - truly. And over the years while raising our children, we tried to help them understand that while it's excellent to monitor your own behavior, they'll have more friends if they try not to become a monitor for everyone else. Unless the circumstances call for it, of course.
So it was hard to watch a young couple toss a computer into the household waste pit. "Don't they know they could've recycled that for free in the other parking lot??" Aiy, aiy, aiy!! Then we couldn't help noticing other items being tossed out of their truck that seems more suited to a trip to the Goodwill. {sigh} As we swept out our truck bed, another vehicle loaded with bicycles backed up to the household pit. That was the tipping point for N and Lise. They both stopped and watched, ready to head over to let them know about Santiam Bike's recycling effort, when the two of them saw the bike people had unloaded them to the parking lot in order to toss the garbage beneath.

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