Friday, April 24, 2009

Counting down toward clock out time

"Living for the weekend", is that a working man's tradition in every culture/country? Probably a silly question. How could it not be?

I've been watching the weekend forecast continue to improve. Saturday's chance of showers keeps decreasing. Very good news, since we're considering a trip to the Brewfest this weekend. I know it's enclosed, but how can you go to an event at the Oregon Garden without venturing amongst the "beds"? I'll be taking my camera. I hope the light will be good enough for some good shots.

I was pleased to see the long list of NW brewers who will be present. I was exchanging comments with a local beer blogger to see what they're looking forward to. I've never thought about different types of beers for the changing of the seasons.
If given a choice, I lean towards a glass of stout or porter - no matter the time of year.

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