Friday, April 24, 2009

Heart breaking

This afternoon, I took the short people from the first session out to board the bus home. I noticed one of our taller people sitting in a secluded spot sobbing. I didn't have this taller person, but I did have his sis and got to know him a bit during that time.
After I deposited my crew on the bus, I sat down beside him and asked that stupid question, "are you okay?"
After that mistep, told him I didn't believe that he was okay, that I thought he was having a crappy day. The tears fell quicker and thicker and he told me how no one, NO ONE cared. I listened and then told him I cared. It was tough for him to articulate, but he let me know that he understood the adults cared. I told him I knew what it was like to feel like no one cared - lousy.
I know that his life has been less than ideal over the course of his elementary career - people leaving, people trying to take the place of people leaving, etc. Over the years I've watched him, I knew it was clear that this was an emotional crisis and he needed more than I had to give.
I asked a co worker with a radio to call the office for our emotional support person. He was busy. They sent out someone to escort him to the office and he spent some time talking with someone who is good at emotional support.
He seemed better at the end of our day and made a point of telling me good-bye. BUT I'll be watching and making myself available, because I do know what it's like - lousy.

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