Thursday, April 9, 2009

It shouldn't be so hard

What a simple task - walking. Heck, I take it for granted every day. And everyday I wish it was a simple task for daughter Fran, too.
It's been over two years since she began this struggle with pain and the postponement of her life as she knew it. Two years and nothing to show for it, except for a purse full of prescription drugs, two arm crutches and a wheelchair that help her make it through each day. Today she had what may be the last session with her wonderful physical therapist, Cathy. Another health professional in and out of our lives. I do believe Cathy when she says she'll keep track of Fran. They are a community of professionals after all.
I don't know if this new group of doctors will help guide us to the right answers. I do know that we'll keep our chins up and keep moving

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