Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pink Popcorn

Our two flowering cherry trees are now in full bloom.
Usually there's an audible buzzing in the backyard when this happens. I can still remember the first time when I discovered the trees weren't just covered in blossoms, but bees, too. Unfortunately, this lovely display also means we're in store for a good hard downpour and maybe some wind - pink petals blazing the trail to the closest street drain.


Emily said...

Cherry trees in primetime -- I am so sad to see it end.

KandN said...

There's a tree about a quarter mile from the west end (and I do mean END) of Madrona, on the south side, that is one of the loveliest cherry trees I've ever seen. It's still in all it's glory at this moment. And I hope to get a few more glimpses before it's 2009 spring outfit is gone.