Thursday, May 21, 2009

A visit to the new emergency room

I didn't go, but N and Lise did and I heard it's spacious, organized differently (once the bugs are worked out, it should be more efficient than the old system) and the big sliding doors reminded them both of Star Trek. (suddenly I can hear Captain Picard's smooth voice saying, "enter")
It wasn't a planned tour, unfortunately. My cell rang Wednesday night around 10:30 PM. When I saw Lise's face on my screen I was sure there must be a problem. And there was.
She's been battling a sinus infection for over a week and a half. Wednesday morning she went back to see her doctor and they gave her a different antibiotic. She's always been more sensitive to medication than the rest of us and by 10 PM she was a trembling mess at work and one of her legs felt numb. Husband J and N drove North to pick her up as well as the car, but on the way back home N decided she needed to go to the emergency room.
Husband J returned home, but Lise and N didn't make it back until 2 AM or so. Turns out that the antibiotic may have interacted with another medication she takes and she had a good-old-out -of-control panic attack due to a nervous system overload. The doctor told her that limbs can go numb when you hyperventilate. Learn something new everyday!
At home, Izzy began vomiting. Probably something she ate - she is a puppy after all. Way too much excitement for me!
I bet we all sleep well tonight!

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Rebekah said...

Oh my! That sounds like a little too much excitement. Too bad their "tour" wasn't for fun.