Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Window of Hope (Orthopedics)

From Window of Hope (Orthopedics)

Nothing like a small, glowing skeleton on a counter to make a person have hope for their bone future. (Hmmm, didn't quite work, did it?)
But Dude! How I love the present technology of x-rays! The tech told me that the equipment where I had my x-rays done weren't as cool as the adjoining room, but I was impressed all the same. She put the film plate into a copier like machine that must be like a scanner. It transfers the images to the computer and erases the plate for reuse. I'm glad reuse is part of all this techology, plus - no film or developing chemicals.
No, I don't have the bones of a youngster, but good healing is going on in that wrist. PA Daniel, said that I'll lose some range of movement (maybe 20 degrees) due to bone damage & compression. I suppose that makes sense, since I suffered enough impact to break my radius at one of it's thickest points.

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