Monday, July 27, 2009


While listening to an NPR science story about crows this morning, I remembered a crow moment I witnessed several years ago. One summer a friend and I would meet at Willamette U. a few times a week to walk the campus. I arrived early one morning and parked where I could watch a young soccer team practice on the field next to the main parking lot.
A couple of crows were hopping around the bleachers and I assumed they were looking for treasures dropped from past spectators. Then one of the crows began to focus on a duffel bag belonging to a soccer player. It hopped all around the bag, thoroughly checking it out from every angle. Finally the crow hopped on top of the bag, carefully pulled open the zipper, removed a foil wrapped package, found a loose edge, unwrapped the package, pulled out a sandwich half and flew away. Minutes later one of the soccer players walked over to the bag with an incredulous look on his face.
I bet he didn't suspect the thief had been a crow.


Salem Man said...

You didn't try to stop the crow?

KandN said...

I think I was frozen in disbelief. I thought about walking over to tell the boy about who/what took his sandwich, but by the time I had finished my decision to get out of the car he was back on the practice field.

smc said...

I listened to that story too on NPR this a.m. and found it fascinating. I thought crows just squaked at everybody who seemed a threat.

KandN said...

The part about the crows turning their heads upside down to look at that caveman mask? I couldn't decide if I thought it was funny or if it gave me the creeps.