Sunday, July 5, 2009

Have fork will travel

Lise gave me a sweet shove out of the house yesterday morning, "I want to go to the Public market and the Saturday market this morning.", she hinted. N's been putting in extra days redoing calculations on days of form work due to rule changes. Rather than find constructive things to do, I usually find myself moping about the house whenever that happens (rarely). Which may be why Lise knew I needed that shove.
The Public market had many empty booths, but thankfully Cascade Bakery and White's Produce were there. We checked those items off our list and continued towards downtown. While the Public market was just beginning to attract shoppers when we left, the Saturday market was in full swing. They also had several empty booth areas, but the parking lot was nearly full at 10:30. We browsed the aisles while Lise made a few purchases.
After our shopping/browsing was done, we bought a veggie quesadilla and a Marionberry lemonade to share while we sat in the sun and listened to the band. Our flimsy plastic forks were no match for the tortillas and that's when Lise remembered she had a real fork in her purse. :>) I knew her Girl Scout training would come in handy someday!
I think we would've stayed longer if it hadn't been for the sun turning up the heat and the lack of shade. Or even if the Saturday market made my suggested addition - a beer garden. :>) Stephanie thought it might fit right in next to the bike valet area.

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Lise Anne said...

Well, like I said...always be prepared! ;-) I've also got a book, phone chargers, an iPod charger, a Clif Bar and who knows what else in that purse of mine.