Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How did we all miss that place?

Lise was becoming more and more stressed with the decision between the two apartment complexes she and her husband had reduced their list to. Yesterday morning I sat down at the computer to browse the choices that another search on apartments.com might produce. I was in need of a fresh recap.
She was faced with the choice between two places she was finding more and more fault with and I wanted to hear again the drawbacks of the discarded choices. I opened a new Firefox tab for each of the top eight, "tell me about this one.", I began. When we landed on the third tab, she didn't recognize the name or address. Off to google maps we went. We discovered it was an area that had 3 different complexes, but she had missed the third one during their search. The price was right, yes to pets--she picked up the phone. Someone answered the phone! (in a perfect world that would always happen) After hearing some positive information about upcoming availability, we hopped into the car to go take a look.
It's close to everything she has on her list, the upkeep appears outstanding both inside and outside--what is she waiting for? They both worked hard at filling all those detailed blanks out on the forms and I'll deliver it all today. {sigh}

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smc said...

Sounds great! I would indeed like your vinegar based dressing for cole slaw if you wouldn't mind sharing. Thanks!