Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A blast from the past

Friend Shirley and I took a drive down to Eugene to meet up with a friend who lives in Roseburg this past Sunday. Whenever I spend time with Shirley I feel like I've had this invigorating therapeutic session and I leave her feeling rejuvenated, so this drive was a double treat. The other being a long catching up and fun talk-a-thon with a friend we shared years ago.
I met Sherry when Lise was enrolled in one of the small, local, private (none provided yet by the school district) kindergartens. Play dates were set-up for the girls, then soon it was get togethers over coffee or iced tea for the grown-ups and then eventually we were at each others' houses all of the time. We did scouts, bowled, played cards, harvested, volunteered, hung out together and watched each others' children grow-up over the 6 years we lived there.
As N and I planned our move and eventually pulled out of the driveway following along behind the big moving truck, Sherry and I promised one another to stay in touch, planning to meet up on a regular basis in Eugene. We did pretty well for the first year or two, but then as the girls (and N&I) became more involved in different activities it became more difficult to find an open weekend. Years began to pass between visits.
This particular visit came about due to a missed opportunity, a wedding invitation lost in the mail and no one realizing what had happened until it was too late. Arrangements were made to make up the lost visit, although it was a struggle to justify the time away from responsibilities. Finally the date was set and a meeting place was chosen. The location had to be big enough not to mind 3 old women sitting for hours, drinking iced tea and laughing and talking. BJ's fit the criteria and didn't disappoint. They kept our glasses full and never made us feel like we were in the way.
BUT the wonderful thing about getting together with old friends, as Shirley reminded us, is that it feels like no time has passed in between the last visit.

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