Thursday, October 15, 2009

Elementary Men

Teacher L and I have been fortunate enough to have a man in the wee folk's classroom on Thursdays and Fridays.  He's from Willamette's MAT program (Master of Arts in Teaching) and is doing his practicum with  the 5-6 year olds.  His student teaching will be in 4th grade at another SalemKeizer school. 

L and I have both noticed a change in behavior from a few of our wee boys (who can be a handful) when he's in the room.  He has a gentle presence and is such a natural with this age group, I imagine he'll be great wherever he lands.  But I hope it's with elementary (K-2) children instead of intermediate (3-5).  It's so rare to have men teaching in elementary schools, especially those who have the gift of being able to relate so well to this age group.

I asked him where he was doing his student teaching and then mentioned that perhaps he could find a chance to observe one of our 2 male teachers.  I think it would be good to see how a man navigates the elementary situations that women often take for granted.

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