Monday, November 9, 2009

Saturday Night in Newport

“24 Hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence? I think not."–H.L. Mencken”

We chose to eat at Rogue's, Brewers On the Bay, Saturday after the Duck and Beaver games were over.  N and I have talked about eating here for a couple of years, but until Saturday had only made it to a pizza stop at their Bay Blvd. location.  Our trips to the beach are usually of the "there and back in a day" variety, making a relaxing visit to a public house out of the question for those of us who are prone to nap after a beer. 
We walked up the metal ramp, through a narrow silo, following the sign that beckoned us ahead.  We followed the wet, roped, cement path and heeded the caution signs near the ramps and puddles.  Soon we arrived in a rustic area stocked with bottles and bottles (big and regular) of their beer varieties, hats, shirts, etc.  We located the stairway that went to the dining and tasting rooms.
N said that I breezed by the sign directing us to bay view dining, as I lead him into the bar.  Didn't even notice!  Just as we considered backtracking, the bartender held out an on the house Mogul Madness sample.  Mmmmm!  He suggested we fill out the paper form for a sample tray--how to choose 4 from that list?!
I jotted down:  Juniper Pale Ale; Smoke Ale; Dry Hopped Red; Imperial Stout.  My favorites of the 4 were the Juniper Ale and the Dry Hopped Red.  The other 2 didn't even come close,and I should've known better than to try the smoke ale.
Both of us decided we had to try their "famous" fish and chips with Idaho fries.  The fish was delicious with the addition to dill to the beer batter, (but why not more cole slaw??) and the fries were crispy and hot.    After we finished eating, N ordered a pint of the Wet Hop Ale and I ordered a glass of Dry Hopped Red.  The bartender kept us entertained with banter and gave a wee suggestion that perhaps we'll see a pub house on the Independence hop farm on 3590 Wigrich Rd.some day.  I did notice they have tours at the farm--Mon. thru Fri., 7 AM-6PM.

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