Thursday, February 4, 2010

February Science

Since 1994, when I first began to do the science lessons with the short folk, the list of lessons has been tuned and retuned.  Some of the best changes came about when I partnered up with Kim.  We've tweaked and streamlined our line-up--making changes that coordinate with the seasons and the holidays.  Between Groundhog's Day (shadows) and Valentine's Day (our hearts), February science almost plans itself. 

Last week, we showed Reading Rainbow's, Me and My Shadow.  This week, we read the Let's Read and Find Out Science Book, "What Makes a Shadow" and used a flashlight to see if we could change the length and size of a plastic tree's shadow.  What makes the lessons awesome?  When we go outside the same day and the sun happens to peek out from behind the clouds allowing us to laugh and have fun with our shadows.  Priceless!

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