Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mustache windfall

Imagine my reaction when I opened an eagerly awaited UPS delivered box of foam gliders (surprise for the short folk) to find 8 dozen mustaches instead. Oh no!!

Yes, I had waited until I only had 14 days left before the big, end of our flight unit day.  My fault.  When you order with most internet stores that's plenty of time, but then there are the others. I wonder how the process works in these other warehouses. Is it a two person business? One who handles the computer side and the other person packages and ships? If so, they must've been deep in a conversation with the computer person to accidentally place mustaches in my box rather than gliders. I'm thinking the mustache party is probably just as disappointed--depending on the age of the group.

Lucky for me, Liseanne was home and eager to make a phone call to solve something, since all of her "stuff" lately has been far-from-solved.  She handled it beautifully and according to the person on the phone, our new box will arrive on Monday.  Finger crossed.


smc said...

Very funny!! I'm glad you got it worked out.

KandN said...

I won't really know until 5:30PM on Monday. Kim and I can always postpone ... I suppose. Mustaches?? Really??