Friday, May 14, 2010

Making My Friday Mental List

"Yes, squirrel, I see you peering at me. Geez, he is one healthy specimen!"
Oops! Sorry! Distracted yet again! That's what happens when you have a big window behind your computer desk. You're constantly reminded that you could be OUTSIDE doing things.

Of course I'm excited about our plans this evening and have already put new batteries in my camera, but I was reminded that there will be other (less fun) things to do this weekend when I took my empty pop can out to the garage this morning.

  1. Trip to the church of bottle deposits
  2. Trip to the Deer Creek transfer site after a quick sort through the garage and backyard
  3. Trip to the Goodwill to donate latest pile of clothing and replaced drinking glasses
  4. No, chores, I haven't forgotten you! :>P
  5. Enjoying backyard and N

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