Sunday, July 25, 2010

Manual labor

N's out on the deck going from the bbq's instruction manual to the parts to the assembly.  I helped with the unwieldy parts, but I try to stay clear the rest of the time.  When you add heat, the boss's frustration can make the help feel unhelpful.  Okay, so maybe I'm making excuses for sitting on my butt in front of the computer, but when you chatter like I do it's hard for him to concentrate.  :>)

I was proud of the pups for staying clear of the waffle making process this morning, even though the batter, waffles and bacon were all on the deck bench--close enough for a quick grab.

I imagine we'll all move at a slow, relaxed pace today with these hot temps.  I'll be the first to admit to being a weather wimp.

Time to stop rambling . . . later gator

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