Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A movie and a book

I stumbled upon my first Molly Gloss book several years ago.  It was a short novel entitled, "Jump-off Creek".  I loved her writing and the crafting of her story left me wanting more.  I was thrilled to find her latest at Reader's Guide a week ago, "The Hearts of Horses".
Once again, I'm falling in love with her characters.  Doesn't hurt that she's an Oregon author.

Last night, N and I did something unusual.  We pulled out our Netflix movie on a week night.  That rarely happens!  It was a 2006 film,  "The Namesake".  While it didn't rank as amazing, it was a good story with excellent acting--although it seemed a little long towards the end.  I'd describe it as both a coming of age type of film and finding enlightenment.

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