Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Cooking

Last summer, I was excited to find what appeared to be one of the better potato salad recipes, but after making it the second time I decided that it, like so many others, was just too bland. I've always had a tendency to create "accidental" dinners, mainly to utilize the ingredients on hand and because I know what we like. And so, earlier this week, without much thought, I threw a potato salad together at the last minute. My late in life discovery? (speaking only for me, of course) It's all in the mustards. Ratios are also important, but in my slapdashish hurry I added stoneground mustard, dijon mustard and dry mustard to the bowl, along with a generous dollop of dill pickle relish (no pickles on hand). The second time around will let me know for sure, but, yeah, it's all in the mustards.

My other discoveries this summer? New Years was not a one time fluke--I really do LOVE to eat lamb. Particularly, the leg of lamb and the racks of lamb . . . mmmm! Also, Costco began carrying a quinoa & wild rice blend from Seeds of Change. I use it to create quick and healthy sides for dinners. It's easy to saute a variety of vegetables, like carrots, squash, green onions, grape tomatoes, etc, a pinch or two of spices and create something delicious.

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