Sunday, July 21, 2013

A short camping trip? We'll take it!

We didn't leave until late morning on Sunday, but we didn't care, we were ready to go camping. Of course, many (including us) wouldn't consider parking a tent trailer in your older sister's front yard true camping. We were just happy to spend time with family. After 4 days (you know, that moment when we all start to smell fishy after overstaying our welcome?), we knew we wanted to keep camping, but weren't quite sure where we were going.

 We ended up turning west from Hoodsport, headed towards the Olympic National Forest and setting up camp at Staircase Campground. So many trails in the area, both challenging and otherwise. Oh and plenty of drama to watch in the campground. One group evidently had more than the 8 people limit in their group. They began to scout the campground and set-up tents and chairs in 3-4 sites. All without paying.

 It seemed everyone in the vicinity was aware of what was happening, but no one stepped up until a young couple arrived with their children and had to make do with a small site--while other larger sites were going unused except for young teens sleeping there at night. But that's another kettle of worms altogether.

Ps. How could I forget to add the trailer hitch story?
Since the intersection is slightly hidden in the visually busy town of Hoodsport, N missed the initial turnoff for the mountains. He did the next best thing--turned and drove through the parking lot of the Model T Pub & Eatery. They've installed a speed bump to ease the speed of folks cutting through and as the truck pulled the trailer over the hump we all heard a loud "thump".

The same time we were hopping out, three folks came running out of the pub. It was obvious I had failed to get the trailer properly secured to the truck's ball and as a result, the trailer's tongue was resting on the speed bump. Everyone sprung into action and we were quickly put back together and heading towards our campground.

We made a point of stopping at the pub for lunch when we returned to town for ice. I have a hunch they've seen their share of accidents on that busy congested highway.

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