Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Here are a couple of our favorite 2015 re-purposed life helpers:

We heard about the first one via a relative. I have to admit, I don't always drink bottled wine. Sometimes I buy Bota Box. You know that awesome bladder in the box? The one that keeps (most) air from ruining the quality of the wine? If you take the time to thoroughly rinse the bladder, fill it with water and put it in the freezer, you'll always have an ice pack ready for a get away OR ice in the freezer in case the power goes out. An ice pack that won't leak, that can be laid flat, between items or up against the side of a cooler AND you won't feel guilty if you toss it out.

The second one happened after N and I were brainstorming over what to do for a dog tie-out when we're camping. We were frustrated over how the spiral tie-out stakes don't always perform as they should--due to the ground being too hard or too soft. When we tie the dogs up to the picnic table, they usually wind themselves into difficult to unwind situations.
Keep in mind, our two dogs are both under 20 lbs. After just one camping trip, I'm ready to give it a high five. We take an empty Kirkland laundry detergent bottle (170 fluid ounces), fill with water (once we arrive at our camping spot) and use the handle to loop the pup's cables through. The bottle is completely portable, if we discover the current location isn't working well or if we decide to move our lawn chairs.


Lise M said...

Cool. That reminds me... This year I realized peanut butter jars are amazing! They are big, easy to clean and have a screw top, who knew they were so useful.

KandN said...

Though you do need to be careful about exposing them to hot water. I've ruined a few in the dishwasher. :) But yes, they are great containers. I like the pint jars some salad dressings come in, too. They've enlarged my collection of jam jars.

Lise M said...

Oh...I'll do that! Top rack. :) And yeah, we go through a lot of jam jars, so I save those too. Jam jars make great jam jars. Lol!