Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Living in the Stream

 How many shows have you streamed since March? Our list is long and varied, and I'm thinking of catching up on some movies, before we begin another series. Okay, then ...

  1. The Sapphires
  2. Water Diviner
  3. 20th Century Women
  4. Roma
  5. The Irishman
  6. Lost Girls
  7. Schitt's Creek
  8. American Factory
  9. Amy
  10. Little Women
  11. The Good Place
  12. Jackson Brodie
  13. Fantastic Fungi
  14. Amazing Mrs. Maisel
  15. Bel Canto
  16. Shaun the Sheep
  17. The English Game
  18. Baptiste
  19. Bosch
  20. Never Have I Ever
  21. Late Night
  22. London River
  23. World On Fire
  24. The Untold Story
  25. Collateral
  26. Dead to Me
  27. Dark River
  28. Book Shop
  29. Mr. Roosevelt
  30. The Door
  31. Lady Bird
  32. The Queen
  33. Repair Shop
  34. Flea Bag
  35. Very British Scandal
  36. The Goldfinch
  37. Love Wedding Repeat
  38. Knives Out
  39. Da 5 Bloods
  40. Marcella
  41. Moone Boy
  42. Children Act
  43. A Merry War
  44. The Politician
  45. Beecham House
  46. Eurovision
  47. Hamilton
  48. Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society
  49. Fathers and Daughters
  50. River
  51. Britt Marie
  52. Pale Horse--Jim Gaffigan
  53. Kettering Incident (unfinished)
  54. Radioactivity
  55. Episodes
  56. Endeavor
  57. Bernadette Where'd You Go
  58. Little Fires Everywhere
  59. Normal People
  60. Palm Springs
  61. Shetland
  62. The Assistant
  63. 100 Foot Journey
  64. Handmaid's Tale
  65. Bill and Ted
  66. Olive Kitteridge
  67. Big Little Lies
  68. Mildred Pierce
  69. Sharp Objects
  70. Damn Yankees
  71. The Point
  72. Great British Baking Show
  73. Coupling
  74. Gentleman Jack
  75. The Russians Are Coming
  76. Queen's Gambit
  77. Clemency
  78. The Crown
  79. 12 Years a Slave
  80. Motherless Brooklyn
  81. Lala Land
  82. Emma (2020)
  83. Enola Holmes

There's an app, Just Watch, that does a nice job of showing you where a particular show or movie can be streamed. This list doesn't include all of the PBS programs we watch: Masterpiece Theater, Mystery, Last Tango in Halifax, Finding Our Roots Frontline. 
This year, we'll be giving thanks for the ability to stream--both shows and music. Love, K

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Breakfast Strata

 Way back, in the last half of the eighties, our wee crew was living in Roseburg. That welcoming community, that made us feel right at home, also made sure we were involved. And the main involvement for both N and I, was at Melrose Elementary. Before we knew it, we were involved in raising funds for a bell tower and I was being urged to take a position in the PTO.

One of the big yearly events, was a volunteer breakfast, that the PTO board put on for all of the school volunteers. And that's when I learned about breakfast strata. Susan Yoder, PTO president and encourager of others, had invited me to her house (the day before the breakfast) to help put together the stratas. I was impressed with her ability to estimate how much to purchase and how to divvy up the ingredients on the fly, for such a large group.

The tasty and easily changeable casserole, was something I decided to add to our family recipe file. I'm not sure how it was relegated to Christmas morning breakfast and eventually included Thanksgiving, but it made the enjoyment slightly special. (Maybe that was my plan.)

Now, I prefer making skillet strata--they're smaller and are put together and baked at the same time, rather than sitting in the refrigerator overnight. Plus, making them more often than twice a year, has placed that recipe in my memory--the recipe now is rarely needed ... unless I'm thinking of making a change up of ingredients and want to see what others have done. 

There are oodles of recipes out there. Go find one that matches your belly and your larder. Lykkelig å spise! 

Love, K

Wednesday, November 18, 2020


 It wasn't until I began to compose this in my head, that it occurred to me, this name I've admired for so many years, was not a one-of-a-kind handle crafted by parents, but an "a" away from Myrna. {K takes a moment to ponder this again} 

Not only did I like to say her name, that usually brought a smile, but I enjoyed being in her company. Myrn, made this wee runt, feel special--much like my Auntie M's stepdaughter, Linda (yet another epiphany). 

Myrn, came along at a certain time of my life. I had entered the age of change, and there she was, dispensing essential advice and knowledge. Reading, together with me, one of those dreaded pamphlets, that my adults pushed across the table in my direction. My two older sisters, had each other, but not this runt--I was on my own (or so I felt). 

All to say--thank you, Myrn. You were there when this runt needed you. And you, too, Linda. You also aided this runt. Reach out and help, whenever you see a need, but also check to see if it's what's needed. "Softly, softley, catchee monkey ..."

Sunday, November 15, 2020

New Yorker Radio Hour

 Such a relief, that I wasn't running the vacuum when this interview was on the radio. There was something about the tone, that made it a joy to listen to: relaxed, honest, engaged with each other. But there was also a question that's kept this old brain busy: "Do you remember when you first met another funny kid?" I remember observing my first funny kid, when I was in middle school. It was when I realized how cruel jokes could be. But I also remember my first funny work bud and how one of us could say something that seemed innocent during a meeting, make eye contact with each other and then try to keep from bursting out loud. 

Ah, Linda, such good memories. Love, K

Saturday, November 14, 2020

An Old Thanksgiving Memory

 Who knows what the year was (possibly 1994), whenever my folks decided to head to Arizona earlier than usual or stopped returning for Thanksgiving or whatever it might have been. Difficult to remember at this late date. What I do remember, is that (most) of the family had gathered at my eldest sibling's home. Such a great house!

That Franklin stove, was probably glowing red, in the corner by my brother-in-law's favorite chair and the family room/ kitchen, was probably alive with activity. So many wee folk and so many boisterous adults! Yes, that volume was loud--especially with a movie (Speed) playing on the satellite TV system.

I don't remember if we had already enjoyed dinner or not, but I do remember a phone call with my folks in Arizona on the speaker phone. It was my first experience with a telephone call on speaker phone and (to be honest) I hoped it was my last. 

So many voices, with something to add and no way for the recipients to know who was talking or (most likely) what was being said. And yet, I think the overall message (hopefully) was that of love and wishing they were with us. 

Love, K