Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vacation 2012

We had planned on camping at Shadow Bay on Waldo Lake, but one step out of the truck led us to believe that someone had called ahead and alerted the mosquitoes to our arrival, "wait until you taste Sara!". So we drove down the road and camped for 2 or 3 nights on the north side of the lake. There were still mosquitoes, but only half as many. We decided that was long enough to be held hostage to the indoors at night and went to look elsewhere. So many campers up there, we had to settle for the big La Pine State CG. Not my favorite. It's like a small town with everyone outside, but we were glad the huge group across the street (and most everyone else) were courteous during the sleeping hours. We went out exploring in the truck during most days. Sara even ventured out on three short trails, which surprised me. I'm sure the trip was good for her, in many ways. I finally made a leap and bought some aluminum liners for our dutch oven. What a gift to the resident dutch oven cleaner! He was skeptical when I talked about them, but no longer. Funny thing is that Jack's Country Store up by Susie's beach house, is where we bought them online.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fireplace on Thursday

Here's what the brick looks like after Fran applied a thin coat of paint using a rag and sponge.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One step closer

No, we're still not finished. The beadboard has been done for several days, but we still have decisions to make.

We're leaning towards adding this mantle:

Another decision that's holding us back, is whether to paint the brick or not. We've read about a few different ideas that appeal to us. One is sponging or spraying watered down paint until you achieve the desired lightness. The other is priming the entire brick area, adding either a light or dark color and then sponging on the opposite color to add interest. Maybe three colors total for more depth.

The question we're discussing now: would dark colors on light go better, or the opposite? {sigh}

Saturday, July 7, 2012

What we found behind the paneling . . .

It's all Franny's fault. :>)

We're finally getting rid of the paneling in the living room. We'll be putting up bead board (over that mess of a wall) and painting it a complimentary (or so I've been told) color to go with the new paint on the other walls.

Funny to see writing on the wall and signs of past 1" tile. It appears to have covered the wall above the fireplace and on the right hand side. I can only guess that maybe there was a floor to ceiling bookcase on the opposite side. Why else would the tile not be over there?? More questions we can't answer.

This evening, N began to pull the facing surrounding the woodstove insert. Not sure why. Curiosity I spose.