Friday, June 25, 2021

The Soles of my Feet

 A couple of years back, I began to wake up during the night, thanks to a weird, hurty, itching, tingly, feeling. I looked it up and came up with neuropathy. Which didn't stop me from putting lotion or cortisone cream on them, before bed. The lotion/cream, brought relief. Which led me to wonder whether this really was neuropathy.

After awhile, I began to notice that the cortisone helped the most. Which led me to wonder ... were my sweaty sandals to blame? Was this a fungus? I didn't want to try any of the anti-fungal prescription medication, after reading about the numerous, serious, side effects. So, off I went to check out home remedies.

The first one, I decided to try, was tea tree oil. It has a number of uses it excels at--like bug bites. But the scent can be off putting and long lasting. It helped, but I didn't use it as often as needed. I'm guessing it was the smell. The second one, was hydrogen peroxide. A "full strength" thirty minute soak, for seven days in a row, made a huge difference. Keep in mind, if you continue to wear the same shoes--you'll need to repeat the seven day treatment.

And so, here I am wondering--is it a fungus? Or is it something else, that is remedied by Hydrogen peroxide? I don't know, but I do know that my feet are doing fine now. Be aware of the need to keep your feet dry and well tended. And look forward to the day, you'll be able to walk into Costco and visit a podiatrist.

Love, K

Friday, June 11, 2021

Current Status

Ratcheting down
Petering out

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Bonnie's House

This morning, as I made breakfast for one (N's fasting), I messed up my over easy eggs--spectacularly. I turned them a handful of seconds too soon and that's when they folded their white wings over their yolky faces. And when I attempted to scoop them onto my saucer, their fraught golden yellow yolks, split and spilled.  The end result, was about as close as I'll get to accidentally making "egg in a cup with soldiers". Not to worry, yolky saucer! Toast will come to the rescue! Nom nom nom

Then BANG! An old dusty memory popped up. There I was in Bonnie's house. I must've spent the night. Was I eight or nine? I'm not clear on the details. I remember a cluttered place, filled with family, love and joy and a dog named Rowdy. AND Bonnie made us eggs for breakfast. She had a method that required no turning, no breaking of those yolks. She used bacon fat to cook the eggs and then she spooned and spooned sizzling bacon fat/grease over the top of the eggs to finish the cooking. And this runt thought it was magic.

What happened to us, Bonnie? I don't have a clue. Hope you're doing well and still enjoying those eggs. Love, K