Monday, October 24, 2022

The Dining Room Table

I imagine ...

In some houses

Dining room tables may exist.

"They go with the decor"

"It's the centerpiece of the house"

Yet have never felt a plate of food nor a resting elbow.

In other houses

It's been ages since

The table has seen the sunlight

Or any light for that matter

Our hand me down 

Has witnessed generations

Dining room tables

for me

Hold Memories

Mother's letters -read and answered

Patterns pinned

Meaty trophies cut into steaks

Grandma Curly getting a perm 

(Grandma Curly getting curlier)

Hands upon hands of card games

Family meals

Cousins! Aunts! Uncles! Gather round the turkey


And doodling ... whilst eavesdropping (on adult conversations)