Thursday, September 13, 2012

Things I take for granted

Probably every year I've worked with the wee folk I hear someone say, "I could never do what you do.".

I never fail to show amusement, because there's nowhere else I'd rather be than working with the small people. Why are so many teachers intimidated by the idea? They're so sweet and so ready to learn. Though I'm learning it's not easy to explain the process to a newbie.

When I say, "never take anything for granted with the wee folk", I don't mean repeat directions 20 times. I mean, show them how to do the simplest task--like using scissors or a glue bottle. SHOW THEM . . . . once, maybe twice. Remember, we all have short attention spans and few of us retain things the first time round.

Regarding my week so far: (Keeping it short and sweet) There is injustice in the world, but I believe there's nothing we can't deal with. It may be painful to participate in or watch, but we're strong enough to handle it.
Soldier on.