Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Like a Scented Candle

There I was, in the bathroom, getting ready for bed, when I spied the container of new hair product on the counter. And, since curious is my middle name, I wondered how it smelled--because you never know if a hair product's scent will be pleasing or nudge an old memory, or disappoint. Yes, color me curious. 

I unscrewed the wide lid from the wide mouth and tried to lift an edge of the paper seal. And in true K fashion, I decided to go ahead and remove the entire paper seal, only to get the pomade on both the counter and my hands. And, I ask you, would you want to waste that dollop? Not I. No sir-ee! "Let's give this cream a try right now, because tomorrow is hair washing day." 

Not the best decision--one I will try not to repeat in the future ... hopefully. (Are you listening, nighttime K?) The new product, smells like many a scented candle I've burnt over the years thanks to gifts from students. Kind of cinnamony and something else ... maybe apple? And, boy howdy, was it powerful! I tucked that scented candle head of mine into my sleep cap and hoped I could ignore the smell and slip off to sleep. 

It wasn't easy to ignore and keep myself from hopping out from under the covers to go shampoo my head, but I stayed and slept. N thought it smelled good, fine, "I like it", so there's that. And that's important, when you cohabitate, in my opinion. I might need to wash that sleep cap though ...

Love, K

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

"Looks like you have a decision to make."

We mull them over and over.

"Did you make a pro and con list?"

We sort, we listen, we struggle ...

We make one.

We wonder, wonder, wonder--was it the right one?

How would we know?

We'll never know.

There aren't any replays, redos

Just life. 

Life moving along in a straight line,

while we get caught up 

in the curves, switchbacks and the godawful knots.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

An Ante into the Chatter Pot

Recently, I've had the opportunity to remember a moment in my young married life. A moment I'm not proud of, but I wonder if it's something most folks bump their proverbial heads against a time or two in their lives. 

It's all about those gatherings with friends, when we start to share tidbits from our married lives. Which soon turn into trading the currency of whose partner has the strangest habits. Because, isn't that what it is when someone says something about their partner that elicits laughter? An ante in the chatter pot, to show you too are part of this new group. 

But later, we start to understand the effect this is having on our relationships (hopefully before the damage is too great). Because, when you take a close look, it's about respect. Respect for the person you've partnered with ... for possibly, the rest of your life. Without respect, there can be no trust and without trust, the connection or love will whither. 

I mean ... how would YOU feel to learn your partner was dissing you with their friends? Yeah, not great. Not great at all.

Love, K

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Warm Memory

Last night, while reading my current novel, the author was describing the physique of one of the main characters, a professional ballerina. She, the author, talked about the stark angles of the ballerina's body-- her knobby joints, her gaunt, chiseled face and neck. And, boom, there she was, Darlene Ledgette, a long time childhood buddy of my older sisters. 

When she'd stop by to visit, I can remember the warm feeling she'd exude, encompassing all in her vicinity. It was like sitting in the gentle warmth of the sun, on a coolish spring day. Yeah, like that. That's it. That's the memory. 

Love, K

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Reading and Reading and Reading

Usually, I read one book at a time. How about you?

I can remember being amazed when a friend talked about reading several books at the same time, many moons ago. I couldn't imagine being able to simultaneously hold more than one book in my head. The idea of it seemed impossible to me. But since then, I've a small handful of times when I've accomplished that task. A very small handful. 

Currently, I'm reading a novel by Gail Godwin and a nonfiction book entitled, "What Happened to You?". And, also currently, I'm placing bets on whether I can actually finish the nonfiction book. Guess I'm not very supportive of letting myself veer off the path of long time habits. 

How you doing? Love, K💓